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    The Crazy Colors of Death Valley

    I had no idea Death Valley would be so full of colors! Of course, the HDR process takes the existing colors and really helps them to stand out… and, as everyone knows, that’s perfectly cool with me!

    I was close to this area back in college when I used to have a double-major in geophysics and computer-science. I ended up dropping the geo bit of it because of a fight with the professor, but I’ve always kept my fascination with rocks. I don’t know enough about everything I see… like, when I see this below, I have a few ideas on what probably made it like this, but I don’t know for sure. Either way, it’s awesome… I’m glad for all the sulfur and iron in the area and its apparent randomness!

    - Trey Ratcliff

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    Robin Williams (1951-2014)

    I am filled with great sadness at Robin Williams’ passing. I grew up watching his movies, and considered him one of those rare actors endowed with the magical quality of being able to effortlessly elicit laughter and tears (often at the same time) from any audience. He had so much vigor, energy and life, that when he thundered “Carpe diem, boys! Seize the day! Suck the marrow out of life” in Dead Poets Society, you believe that he meant it. He was an actor so generous that he gave so much joy to audiences yet kept none for himself. I wish that he could have found the same comfort and happiness that his films have given so many of us. Thank you for all your wonderful and inspiring work, Mr. Williams. And I hope you find peace, O Captain, my Captain.

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    Sharks and People: Exploring The Relationship Between The Two

    “Sharks have roamed the oceans for more than four hundred millions years, and in this time they have never stopped adapting to the ever-changing world—their unique cartilage skeletons and array of super-senses mark them as one of the most evolved groups of animals…Yet, tens of millions of sharks are killed every year just to fill the demand for shark fin soup alone.” —Courtesy University of Chicago Press 

    As a contributing photographer to National Geographic Thomas P. Peschak “leads a near continuous nomadic existence, and spends 300 days per year in the field on assignments around the world,” according to the biography on his website. 

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